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COMMAND-SMFI drill collars are thick-walled tubulars machined from solid steel bars and manufactured to specifications to meet and/or exceed API or NS-1 requirements. The quality of the heat treatment is critical in the production of raw materials and must be uniform and deep enough through the thickness of the bar to ensure the mechanical properties.

Drill collars are used as a component of the bottom-hole assembly (BHA) and provide the following:

  • Drilling weight-on-bit (WOB)
  • Hole size integrity
  • Stiffness to maintain hole straightness
  • Clearance for the drill string
  • Compressive and torsional loads
  • Mitigate differential sticking and stuck pipe thanks to spiraled grooves



  • ODs from 2-7/8” to 11”
  • API 7.1 & 7.2 specifications
  • Slick or spiraled
  • API & H90 connections
  • Fatigue resistance features (threads cold rolled, API pin stress relief groove, and API box bore-back)
  • Range 2 and 3 lengths
  • Phosphate coated threads
  • Slip and elevator recess
  • Pressed steel thread protectors
  • A variety of steel grades: API, Sour Service, NS1, Low Temp, Non Magnetic


  • Hardbanding
  • Internal plastic coating for OD <6 1/2”
  • High-performance double shoulder connections (upon request)
  • Customized elevator and slip recess
  • NS-1 or DS-1 or customers specifications
  • Make and Break