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Canrig and Tesco is vertically integrated with Nabors and manufactures a premier line of automated drilling equipment and rig components marketed with the Canrig® brand.

Focused on enhancing the safety and efficiency of drilling operations, Canrig and Tesco product lines include automated pipe handling and torquing equipment, drawworks, casing running tools, variable frequency drives and industry-leading top drives for onshore and offshore drilling rigs. 

Canrig equipment is supported in the field by the Rigline 24/7™ Command Center, which connects customers to remote service technicians for troubleshooting and assistance. 

Mapek Energy, for more than 20 years, authorized representative of Canrig and Tesco’s Automated Surface Equipments in Turkey.

Known as the highest quality top drives in industry, Canrig and Tescos’s portfolio of top drives includes hydraulic and electric-powered units, ranging in size from a 150-ton to a 1000-ton unit, with the highest performance of torque and speed in industry.
Casing Running Tools
Canrig & Tesco manufactures casing running tools for both onshore and offshore drilling rigs. Its Casing Drive System™ (CDS™) provides a mechanized safe and cost-effective way to run and make-up casing.
Automated Catwalks benefit the drilling process in many ways, including more efficient operations, creating a safer working environment, and reducing costs
Automated floor wrenches significantly reduce drilling rig crew members’ exposure to tubulars, which helps prevent injuries associated with making and breaking connecitions.