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The increasing challenges of accessing existing hydrocarbon reserves to meet the world's increasing energy needs are accelerating the development of more advanced solutions. Cutting-edge technology and solutions are the requirements for improved efficiency. Vallourec manufactures and sells Casing and Tubing equipments, VAM® Premium connections, API grades and connections, which are also known as Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) for oil and gas wells to meet the unique challenges of the oil and gas industry.

VAM® has been the leading brand for premium connections for over 50 years. The product range is constantly updated by Vallourec in order to deliver even better performance and meet the new needs of the customers.

The connection selection guide helps you choose a VAM® connection that suits your needs best.
The material selection guide helps you choose the most suitable material for your operations, depending on the H2S and CO2 partial pressures and the temperature range in the well.
Vallourec offers a comprehensive range of tubing and casing equipment including coupling, pup joints and many different connectors which provide improved performance.