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Safety valves are used for preventing or controlling the blow out which is the greatest possible danger can be encountered druing the drilling operations. Safety Valves one of the most important drilling string elements that should be ready and operative on a drilling floor.

Kelly KELLY COCK valves are devices that allow for shutting the internal bore of the drill string keeping the mud column in the top drive or the Kelly when disconnecting from the drill string. It controls the flow of the mud during normal drilling operations and is operated from the rig floor.
I-BOP (Inside Blowout Preventer) valve is a heavy duty check valve installed in the drill string to control back flows coming from the inside of drill pipe joints, ensuring a complete protection of the rig floor including swivel, drilling hose, stand pipe and surface equipment
RDCV (Retrievable Drop Check Valve) is used to control back flow from high pressure formations into the well and through the drill string back to the surface. It also allows for downward fluid circulation within the drill string. When the back flow is under control, the Drop-in Check Valve can be retrieved using a wire line.